Friday, May 3, 2013

Laundry Helpers

By the time I finish folding everything on the "Laundry Couch", it's usually time to refill it with a load or three of clean clothes from the dryer.  If my boys didn't help me put the laundry away, there would be a serious bottleneck in our system. 

B was my first laundry helper.  When he was four, he asked if he could "deliver" folded piles of laundry.  He'd drag a full laundry basket behind him, beeping when he backed up.  His "crane" would drop each pile to the appropriate location. Then he'd bring the empty basket back with the robotic announcement, "Delivery. Complete."

Tonight, I handed each son a laundry basket full of his clothes to deliver.  B hanging up shirts in his closet when G breezed past me.  "Whoa, boy!  How'd you finish so quickly?"

I am so glad I lovingly folded each of those items.
"Oh, yeah, sorry," said G.  He uses the phrase frequently. 

I decided to pick my battle and allow him to put the clothes in their appropriate places unfolded.  I did not want to battle the Redhead nor the laundry.  I have loads to do tomorrow, and I'm not about to keep folding over and over!

G puts his socks in the sock basket in his dresser.

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