Monday, May 20, 2013

A Book for Aunt Cassie

Tonight, G asked me to read him this book:

 It's a hand-me-down, apparently from Taco Bell. The story is in Spanish and English, depending on how you hold the book.  Read it one way, then halfway through you meet up with the upside down ending of the version in the other language. 

I suggested that we give it to Aunt Cassie.  She can take it with her to the Honduras, and read it to the kids there!  The book is very tiny and won't take up much room.  Also, she'd just gotten monkey and banana scented stickers for the kids there. 

G wasn't having that.  He reminded me that this was his book.  I offered go pick up the alligator he wanted from Walmart.  I even called it by the name G had picked out.  "We can give this to Aunt Cassie and I'll get you Swimmy." 

"Yeah, Swimmy would like this book.  I could read it to him."  Have I mentioned that G is an excellent negotiator?

So, I read him the book--the Spanish version.  The book is based on a silly song, so I sang it in tune, in the best Spanish accent I could muster.  I was having so much fun that when I finished the song, I flipped the book over, and began the English version of the song.  I was halfway through the version he could understand when he cut me off. 

"OK, Aunt Cassie can have this book." 

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