Say What?

Moms Say the Darndest Things

There are so many things we never thought we would have to say.  As a mom, you find that your kids will say or do all kinds of crazy things and the "unexpected" no longer exists.  Here is our running list of the darndest things we have found ourselves saying to our kids:

Please stop eating lotion.

Stop peeing in the middle of the yard.  Find a tree like a normal person.

Please take those french fries out of your nose.  Well don't eat them now.

I don't care how bad you have to pee, we don't pee off the porch while trick or treating.

That is awesome that God told you to eat cookies, but I think He meant for you to eat them after dinner.

No, Santa does not need weapons....  Why?  Because I'm pretty sure nobody is going to attack Santa.  (After building Santa's Sleigh at Lowe's Build and Grow.)

The wrappers may not have directions or warnings, but that doesn't mean suckers can go in your ears.

It is socially unacceptable for you to play your brother's recorder with your nose.

I don't care if you are shooting real people or imaginary ones, we are not playing war in Wal-mart.

Do not bite the dog. Seriously, GET her FUR OUT of your MOUTH.