Monday, February 17, 2014

I Missed the Bus: The Remix

This morning I was halfway to the sitter's when I remembered I hadn't put on make-up.  I looked tired without eyeliner, but I didn't have time to turn around.  Eyeliner is not something you can borrow from just anyone.  It's close to one's very personal space: the eye.  In fact, I usually only use mine and, occasionally, Cassie's.  Cassie is on a different schedule than me, though, and wasn't out of bed yet. 

Brainstorm!  Her older sons attend the school at which I teach.  Given the last sentence, I obviously teach English.  In desperation, I called Cassie to see if she could put eyeliner in E's backpack.  His first block class is near my morning duty at school, and I could snag it from him.  Cassie would have helped, but C and E's bus had whisked them away about ten minutes before my phone call.  Dangit.

"Wait," sleepy Cassie quipped, "You missed the bus!"

Usually, her younger son misses the bus from the sitter's and Cassie must continue on to drop him off at school.  This happens often enough for me to have made her ringtone "I Missed the Bus" on my phone. G has sings along and dances a nifty little jig each time she calls me. 

I think I made her day.