Thursday, June 20, 2013

Love my Roos and Flip Flops

When did you get your first pair of shoes?  Honestly, I can't remember my first pair.  I do remember in elementary school, I had a pair of Roos.  I thought I was hot stuff because I had the secret pocket in my shoes- a pocket that was really only big enough to hold a lifesaver or a few tic-tacs.  Not that I ever would have put candy in there, because, EWWW. 
Everyone I know has shoes (you might be wearing some now).  Most have several pairs.  Brown shoes, black shoes, boots, the heels that look amazing but weren't built for comfort, the heels that you don't mind wearing all day, running shoes, sandals, and my personal fave- flip flops.  I think that pretty much covers the basics, but then I've never been much for shoes. 
Most of my friends know by now that I'm going to Honduras in September with Shoes for Orphans Souls.  It's a really cool program, because I get to help some of these kids put on their very first pair of shoes.  I doubt their shoes will have pockets, but I don't think they will mind.  I'm also pretty sure that unlike me, they will always remember their first pair of shoes.  These shoes mean that they can attend school.  For the younger ones who can finally go to school, this means their parents can go to work.  These shoes mean that they have a lower risk for injury or diseases from walking around barefoot.  These shoes will show them that someone cares for them. 

I've got 2 months and 16 days until I arrive in Honduras, and I have lots to pray about, and lots of stuff to gather.  For those that have read about the deals I got last summer on school supplies, I am looking forward to the challenge of finding amazing deals on some of the supplies I'll be bringing for the kids.  (Here is where my talent for getting toothpaste for free is going to come in handy!)

Supplies for VBS and time with the kids-  I need to bring 2 boxes of crayons, 2 containers of 100 wipes, 1 box of stick on name tags, 3 boxes of markers, 1 roll of paper towels, 1 soccer ball, 3 glue sticks, 100 cut out large red hearts, 100 cut out small pink hearts, 1 other type of soft ball, 1 pair of childproof scissors, 1 pair adult scissors, 100 brown paper lunch bags, 1 box of sharpies, bubbles, hard candy, bubble gum, stickers, and other things to play with the kids during down time.

Humanitarian aid items-  Lice medicine, combs, brushes, powder, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, diarrhea meds, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, deworming meds, lotion, underwear, vitamins, Spanish Bibles, etc. 

Less important but necessary...
The 1970's called and they want their suitcase back.
Since I've never really traveled, I don't have a luggage set, but I think we can all agree that this suitcase is not ready for international travel.  The latches/buckles are finicky and the case tends to pop open at random times.  (Tommy swears it is me, not the suitcase, but I think it is because he doesn't want to part with this little piece of history.)  I have a gift card to Kohls, but it won't cover the full cost of a luggage set.  If anyone has any Kohls cash they don't plan on using and would like to donate, please let me know.  Every dollar I can save on frivolous stuff like this is an extra dollar I can put towards stuff that might really make a difference for these kids. 

Of course, I still need to finish paying for the trip.  You can track my progress or make donations through this link-
For those that are praying for me, I've also listed some of the areas that I could use prayer on my trip site.  If you do donate, be sure to print your receipt for tax time.  Also, as a token of my appreciation, you can choose a scarf or a sock monkey coffee cup sleeve (made with love by Catina and yours truly). 
Save some cardboard, use a monkey
(Cup not included)