Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why my kids missed the bus today

My kids missed the bus this morning.  To be honest, they miss the bus most mornings.  Part of the problem is that they can't catch the bus from home- they have to catch the bus from the sitter's house.  This means that we all have to be ready and in the car 20 minutes before the bus comes.  All it takes is for the dog to get loose, one shoe to go missing, one melt down, or a thousand other little snags to throw us completely off schedule.  Luckily, the school is only a couple minutes past the sitter's house, so missing the bus only adds a few minutes to my commute and the kids still arrive at school on time.

This morning, I was sure we were going to make it.  All the kids were dressed, including socks and shoes, which is no small feat.  The car was loaded. I had my keys.  And then K realized it was chilly outside and her doll was cold.  So while I corralled the older boys out of the house, K darted upstairs to find a sweater for her doll. Several minutes later, K reappeared with her doll properly bundled and we were able to leave. 

Yup, Merida and her sweater are why we
missed the bus today.

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