Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Hearty Breakfast

B likes buying breakfast at school.  I've funded breakfast at school for most of the year.  Last week or the week before, I discovered he goes there for cinnamon rolls.  B spends $1.25 each morning for an individually packaged cinnamon bun and a carton of milk.  I take that back.  On Fridays, he spends the $1.25 on a chicken biscuit and a carton of milk.

Now, I support a healthy breakfast.  However, for $2.50, I can buy an entire roll of store brand cinnamon rolls and bake them for my boy.  I'll save $2.50, even if I allow him to continue feeding his chicken biscuit addiction.  Last night, I baked up the first batch.  This morning, I directed B to the Rubbermaid.  Of course, G wanted one, too.

G eyed the contents of the box, then looked up at me and asked, "Mama, are them snails?"

No, son, our budget does not support escargot.  

Before we'd departed, each boy had eaten a cinnamon roll and a half.   This may put a damper on my budgeting.  G also asked for milk, so I poured some in a cup with a top and straw.  He insisted on the "Transformers cup".  I told him he could use the Transformers cup, but would have to drink it quickly since we were leaving, and he couldn't take an open-topped cup with him. 

"Why not?"  

"Because I don't want it to spill in the car."

"I have more?"

"No, you don't have long.  Besides, the less you have, the less you can--" clink, swish "--spill."  Mop, mop, mop.

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