Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Learning to Help With Laundry: Part II

A few days ago, I described how my sons were helping me out with laundry.  Tonight I folded as I talked with my mom on the phone.  G wanted to help "ball socks" (he can't), so I'd roll a pair at a time, then send him to deliver it.  By the time he returned, I had another folded pair waiting for him.  After he delivered all of Daddy's socks, I sent him to his room with a full basket of his laundry. 

I took a break in conversation with Mom to review laundry-delivering procedures.  I reminded him that he was not to dump the entire basket on the floor of his room.  I reminded him that socks, underwear, shirts, and pants had their own spots.  He was to put them where they belonged.  He agreed. 

G took a considerable amount of time putting his laundry away.  He returned with an empty basket.  I asked if he had put everything where it belonged.  He admitted he had not.  I handed him a pair of socks and made eye contact.  I maintained eye contact as I explained that he was going to put those socks and all the other socks in the sock basket.  I told him to return to me afterwards.  He did. 

I then handed him another pair of socks and a pair of underwear. "Put these in the sock basket, these in the underwear basket, and all the other underwear in the underwear basket." 

I was proud of myself for walking him through the process.  I was also proud of how I ran my boy's energy out on a rainy day. 

At bedtime, I noticed a pair of clean undies on G's floor.  I returned them to an all-too-empty underwear basket.  Then I noticed the rest of the stack of clean underwear spilling out of the top of his dirty clothes hamper.  Underneath them was the entire stack of clean clothes--socks, shirts, and pants--that I'd sent him to deliver.

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