Saturday, April 27, 2013

Third Time's a Charm

I called Cassie Thursday morning to remind her that C's book bag was still I'm my car. I'd taken him to soccer practice the night before. I knew it wasn't a big deal since he had a field trip that day. I was wrong! His soccer bag with his street shoes were also in my car. All he had were cleats.

The plan was for me to drop the bags at the sitter's house. Cassie's kids go to the same sitter, and she'd pick up the bag when she dropped off K. C would change shoes on the van on the way to school.

I forgot to drop off the bag.

I called Cassie when I got to work and noticed the bag underneath my bags. I immediately called her and told her to stop at my school. I'd leave my car unlocked and she could get the bag,

After morning duty, the office paged me. My sister was in the office. Apparently after I hung up with her, I locked the car behind me as a force of habit. I hadn't answered her text, so she'd gone looking for me.

Oops! Glad Cass was chaperoning so she could bring him his regular shoes!

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