Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fashion Genius

A couple days I blogged about my husband's fashion sense. Yesterday morning, I swore B took after his father when I witnessed this outfit: Reminiscent of the Christmas lumberjack, no?

I tried to get him to change the bottoms. I mean, red bottoms, green top? He couldn't change the top. It was School Spirit Day, and he only fits the green school shirts. In fact, that shirt is over TOP black and green shirt. He wouldn't go to jeans, though. He SAID it was because his shoes were already on.

When I got to work and told a friend, though, I realized: My son is a fashion genius. You see, it happened to be on Leap Day. Once every four years, an "extra" day is added to the year. I falls right between "Normal February"--a month wih symbolic red--and March--a month with symbolic green. MY kid combined both colors on the day sandwiched between "typical".