Monday, March 5, 2012

Music Time

This morning, Josh, the boys and I ran some errands on our Snow Day. A song kept playing over and over and over in my head. I had to hear it.

Now, back when that song was popular, I could have asked someone in person or via my cordless phone. Then, if I wanted to listen to it, I'd have to sit in front of my radio and wait. If I was really invested in keeping the song, I'd have to get a ride to the music store. The alternative was waiting in front of the boom box in a quiet room with a blank tape and fingers poised over the record and play buttons, ready to strike as soon as the opening notes played.

Luckily, it's 2012. I opened the Facebook app on my smartphone and posted the following to my girl Carrie's wall: Whats the song that says 1,2 checka microphone checka. Wrecks in effect in effect I'm a wrecka? Cuz it's stuck in my head

Within two minutes, she'd responded with the title [Ha! Rump Shaker.] and youtube link[]. Yes, I could have googled, but I knew my girl was quick. Besides, I knew she'd want to reminisce about flat-tops, high tops, and Top 40 countdowns.

I clicked the link on my phone. It was not available for mobile, but I searched it on youtube. Boom! Just like that, it was opened and hooked via mp3 jack to my car radio. In under five minutes, my boys were experiencing Rump Shaker.

G, my younger one, wanted to hear it again and again. Josh, my headbanger husband tried to remember if he'd heard it on Kids Bop. One day I'll tell my kids about how we worked for our tunes. Right then, though, I just sat back and sang along.

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