Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My 3 y/o is planning her wedding

It all started very innocently. Last night at dinner, N asked me how I got married. I answered simply that a really cute guy, that I loved, asked me to marry him and I did. Apparently, that didn't completely answer his question, so N turned to Tommy and asked how he got married. Tommy answered that we got married, and reminded N that he has seen the pictures. N was still waiting for a better answer, so I told him the fairytale story of our wedding-

"After Daddy asked me, I put on a pretty white dress and Daddy got dressed up" (here is wear E and C chimed in that Daddy wore a tie.) "All our best friends and family came, and they were all dressed up too. Pastor Rocky asked Daddy if he would love me forever, and Daddy said yes. Then Pastor Rocky asked if I would love Daddy forever, and I said yes. Then we kissed " (Paused here, to demonstrate our kiss.) "After that, we had a big party, with lots of food, dancing, and music."

By this point, N was satisfied with the description, while K was absolutely enthralled. She had sat quietly while I spoke, in absolute awe. Breathlessly she said "Mama, I wanna do that." To which I answered "Well, when you meet someone nice and wonderful, and Daddy says he can have your heart, you will get married too." That was all she needed. I could see the wheels spinning in her sweet little head, and she was excitedly talking about dresses and parties. Yes, at 3 years old, my daughter is planning her wedding.

Ps. While K was dreaming, the older boys were on to the *important* things. C asked "did you get presents at your party?" To which Tommy answered, "Yes, we got the plates you are eating on, some pans, and a lot of other stuff. Then we went on vacation to the beach, and I got a new TV. That's the kind of stuff that happens when you get married." Yes, we girls get lost in fairytale of romance, love, and pretty dresses, while boys are excited about the honeymoon and presents.


  1. Did you mention the stink in your ride, lol?!?

  2. No, I didn't mention all the sardines and shaving cream our friends lovingly decorated our car with. She deserves to have a FEW surprised when she gets married. ;)