Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fashion Sense

I wish I was more of a fashionista than I am. Every once in a while, I get ahold of some dresses, pairs of cute shoes, or jewelry and make a small statement for a while. As far as boys' clothes, well, my style is different from Cassie's. As we pass our sons' clothes to each other, she keeps the rompers, sweaters with characters on them, and sweater vests in the bag until I need them for the next boy, and I keep the flannels in the bag til I hand them back to her.

We both agree on some basics, though. For example, I know if I send one of my boys to her house, I can trust her to dress them and take them in public. I do not have the same confidence in my husband. When B was a baby, Josh dressed him every morning, using the outfits lovingly hung up on the pegboard above his changing table.

If I forgot to hang up outfits, B would sport interesting combinations: pants a size up or down, tops of one shade that didn't match the shade of the bottoms, or windpants and a button down shirt. Josh is the first to admit he doesn't care that much. I recall one Valentine's Day when I shouted to Josh to please put the child in red. B toddled out in a red flannel and green corduroys: the perfect Christmas Lumberjack.

In fact, the pegboard thing fell through often enough that Babysitter and I had a code. If he was dressed funny and I mentioned that B had a doctor's appointment or some other public appearance in the afternoon, she'd make sure he pee through his clothes and require the backup.

This morning I woke up to a dressed G. Really, I had to wonder if Josh had searched for the combo above. Stripted top, plaid overalls (which happen to say "Old Navy Gal" on a tag on the front), and Camo socks. I think I may have solved the mystery, though. Instead of looking through the actual dresser drawers, he's grabbing hanging clothes (the shirt) and clothes I've thrown aside in the closet next to the dresser (the girl pants--and the 6 month sweatpants G sported as capris all day at home yesterday).

Now to stock the sides of the closet with acceptable clothes--like the rompers Cassie and Babysitter love so much.

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