Monday, February 6, 2012

Musical Cheerios

This morning, I poured myself exactly one cup of Dulce de Leche Cheerios in a yellow Hope*Well Wishes cup. As each boy saw it, he asked for a cup of Cheerios for himself. I poured some for B in a purple cup and some for G in a mug.

As we loaded up to head out the door, I noticed the yellow cup in B's hand...and several of its contents in his mouth. I guessed that the purple cup had about an cup of Cheerios, and just went with it. We headed out to the car. Super frosted. It must have been cold last night. Weren't we just wearing short sleeves last week?

Which was dead. I'd left the headlights on since Friday night.

I ran in to ask Josh to jumpstart the car, but we have no jumper cables. We'd have to take his car. I tore outside with the key, started his car up to defrost, and begged B to transport our stuff to Josh's car as I took a card to the window.

B's first load: their toy basket. I had to rephrase my request.

After scraping the window, buckling the boys, and throwing the car in reverse, I noticed my yellow cup of Cheerios, nestled in a basket between my water bottle and Cookie Monster. Full circle.
And the boys' Cheerios? Well, they were in my car--in the toy basket I'd made B leave behind.

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