Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year, New Beginnings

I love new things- New Years Day, new school years, new recipes, new writing ideas, new craft ideas.... New things hold a million possibilities, and always seem so fresh and clean. As a child, I loved starting a new school year- my book bag was clean and light, all my notebooks and binders were filled with blank pieces of paper that might later be filled with answers to impossible math problems, amazing stories, or interesting facts. With a fresh new start, wonderful things seemed sure to follow.
But new things don't STAY new. Paper gets filled with writing (not all of it good), the corners of your binders get bent, pencils are broken. New recipes can lead to burnt suppers, and even when done properly, not all recipes are keepers. Craft projects mean messes to clean up. Starting a scarf means taking the time to finish it. New things become old things, or at the very least, normal every-day things.
As much as I love new things, I have a problem with endings. I've started 2 scarves in the last few weeks, but haven't finished one. At the end of every semester, I am done with studying, writing papers on "New Jersey during the Industrial Revolution", and conjugating irregular Spanish verbs. I pray for the last day of school to hurry up and get here already. I constantly leave clean socks in the basket, because I get tired of folding laundry. I leave dishes in the sink because that last pan is just sooo much to scrub.
This year... this year is gonna be different. I'm going to finish my pile of laundry, wash all the dishes, and end each semester strong. I'm going to finish the scarf I started for my daughter and the one one I started for my mom. I am going to finish reading the Bible (yes, the WHOLE thing). I am going to finish the certification I started at work. I am going to stick to a diet for more than two weeks.
I guess I better get started... and that means finishing this post. Happy New Year's, and may your year hold many exciting beginnings, and just as many amazing endings!

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