Monday, January 23, 2012

Make Up

I'd driven about one mile down our four-mile road this mrnning when I realized: I was not wearing any make-up. I don't normally wear much make-up at all. I just use eyeliner and mascara most days, eyeshadow on some. Occasionally, I break out the drugstore version of "Bare Minerals" and some blush. I do think eyeliner and mascara keeps me from looking tired. This morning, I'd forgotten any.

"Aw, nuts! I forgot my make-up. I should turn around." Note: I had plenty of time to do this. I was twenty minutes early!

"Why, Mama? You look great to me," said B. "You look normal to me, like you look most of the times I see you."

"Aw, thanks, Bud! I do have time to turn around, though."

"Well, did you ever go to school without make-up on before?"

Actually, there had been days where turning around was not an option, but only once this school year. "Yes, in October I went to school without make-up one day." It had happened to be "Read for the Record" Day, and I was one of the readers of Lllama, Llama Red Pajama. I'd hoped the entire time no one would take a picture of me looking sleepy.

"Well, did anyone laugh at you?"


"Did anyone hurt your feelings?"


"Well, if you weren't hurt, and your feelings weren't hurt, then it's not worth the time of turning around."

So, today I wear no make-up, and I'm developing two unrelated fever blisters on my lips. I may look horrible, but no one has laughed at me, and I've reinforced to my sons that hygiene is necessary but vanity is not. I hope they remember that as they grow up.

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