Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boy am I old

Going back to school as an adult is tough. And by adult, I don't mean a person who is old enough to vote and get their first credit card. I mean a person who has a mortgage, some kids, and a 40hr/wk job that has benefits (as in 401k, vacation, and health insurance, not free soda and popcorn). Most courses I have taken are in the evening, early in the morning, or online, where I'm likely to find the company of other adult students. This semester, I went with a middle of the day class, and boy do I feel OLD. Some examples to prove my point:

1. The first week of class, the topic of children came up. My professor asked "Cuantos hijos tiene?" I answered "Hay cuatro." For those who haven't taken Spanish, or maybe it has been a while, my professor asked how many kids I have, and I answered that I have four. A few minutes later, my professor came back to me, and this time asked me in English if I had 4 kids, or a 4 y/o. I had to explain that yes, I understood her question, and yes, I meant that I have 4 kids. Apparently this isn't the norm in college?
2. While learning names for foods and drinks, the teacher asked how many people were 21 (before she went over the words for beer and wine). I was one of 4 people to raise their hand in a class of 25.
3. Today, we learned how to use comparing words, such as bigger, better, older, younger. We also learned how to say that one person is better looking than another. The example used was Channing Tatum and Johnny Depp, and of course, I blurted out that both of these men are on my laminated list. The young lady sitting behind me said "a what list?" I had to explain to her what a laminated list was. Pretty sure she wasn't old enough to see that particular episode of Friends. After all, according to google, that episode aired in 1996, and most of the kids in my class were probably still watching Barney or Blues Clues at the time.

Yup. I have kids, I can drink, and I watched Friends. These days, that makes me ancient.

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  1. I think it's because you said "hay cuatro", shouldn't it be tengo cuatro?