Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cute Cake/ Hot Hubby

I've always wanted to make a diaper cake. They seem simple enough, and make adorable (and functional) decorations for a baby shower. A few weeks ago, I got my chance. One of my coworkers is preggo, and we were throwing a simple office baby shower. I immediately volunteered to make a diaper cake. I went out and bought a box of diapers, a bag of rubber bands, multi-colored tissue paper, and a few spools of ribbon. I headed home and googled "diaper cake," then looked at a couple how-to sites. I was so ready.
Turns out, those cute little cakes are a beast to make. Oh, rolling and wrapping the diapers was easy enough. And I decided to go with a square cake, to avoid trying to make a perfectly round cake. K, my 2 y/o daughter, even lent a helping hand, rolling diapers and handing them to me (which I neurotically re-rolled when she wasn't looking). Things were going great.... Then I tried to wrap the pretty diaper cake tiers with white tissue paper. If you weren't aware, tissue paper is very tearable (yes, I made that word up.) After struggling with the top layer, which I made several small rips in, I found myself closing my eyes and counting to ten. By the time I got to 6, I heard "Honey, what are you doing?" I had to explain to my husband that I didn't want to curse while making a diaper cake, because no mother wants to put her newborn in cursed diapers, and so I was slowly counting to calm myself down. Then the most amazing thing happened. My husband, who had been working crazy hours, without time off for a couple of weeks, offered to help. While we were sitting on the floor, talking strategy for covering diapers with tissue paper, and what accent colors of tissue paper and ribbon to use, I realized that THIS is sexy. A man who works hard all day, in the heat and the cold, using his hands to make electricity work, was now sitting next to me and helping me make a cute diaper cake. He was patient and helpful, even though it was not the kind of activity he would normally have volunteered to help with. Just having him near gave me a sense of calm (not to mention, the guy had some good ideas). I dare anyone to find a better example of sexiness in a man. I will pick my hubby over any movie star, musician, or Calvin Klein model, any day of the week.
Oh, and the diaper cake? It was pretty cute too, but I definitely don't think I'll be so quick to volunteer the next time one is needed. I'll just put a ribbon on a box of diapers and call it a day.

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