Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's a Matter of Taste

As I tucked, B in last night, he offered to make my coffee in the morning and add a "special ingredient." I was a bit nervous, but I like to promote creativity and generosity, so I thanked him. After informing him a package was hot cocoa, he shoo'd me from the kitchen while he "cooked". I returned to this, and snapped a shot. Friends on Facebook guessed they were chicken nuggets or oyster crackers. They are pumpkin spice marshmallows. Cassie and I adore anything pumpkin, and have in fact declared this Saturday to be our Pumpkin Day, when we plan to eat as many pumpkin foods as possible. The coffee was actually pretty good with the marshmallows, and I attribute my productivity today to that special ingredient.

This same morning, G licked fish food flakes off his fingers. The child has also been known to eat Cheerios he finds in the driveway and any number of crumbs he extracts the car, often with a whole-hearted, "MMMM! That yummy." He will not, however, eat roast chicken or steak. Go figure, huh?

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