Saturday, October 29, 2011

Impressing a Five-Year-Old

After gorging ourselves on pumpkin goodies on our self proclaimed Pumpkin Day last Saturday Night, Cassie, our pal Sherry, and I helped N play Blink, which he'd found in the playroom. If you haven't seen this game, it's a cute card game from the makers of Uno. The box says ages 7+ but my friend Carrie taught my 6 year old how to play it when we visited her this summer. N is pretty smart, so I felt sure we could teach him. I'd be his opponent, and Sherry and Cassie would coach him on his hand.

Problem was, I couldn't remember how to play, and the directions were in Spanish. There is no idea where the English version is in our house. Luckily, Cassie is taking a college course in Spanish right now, and both of has have taken quite a few courses in high school. So, she read the directions in her American southern twang, and between the two of us we could kind of translate it. A few words seemed funny, but it could be that we just didn't remember the correct translation of those words. Maybe. N sat patiently, which was really nice.

Anyways, we finally deduced it's like the kids' version of Speed, so I grabbed the cards and got them ready.

N's eyes snapped to my hands. His mouth dropped open and awe took over his face. "Woah, TT!" he exclaimed, "You can shuffle?"

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  1. I am convinced that they threw in a few fake spanish words to throw us gringos off, but we sure showed them!