Monday, October 17, 2011

The Amazing Bus Race

Since I married, I'm usually on time. I thank Josh for that. Today was an exception: we were too early.

Josh had to go to the oral surgeon today, and I had to renew the license I'd accidentally let expire three days ago. I'm sure Cassie will address my driving reputation in many subsequent posts.

Anyways, the errand list meant I'd called in today, which meant we all got to sleep in a bit. The DMV doesn't open until 8, and B doesn't have to be at school until 8:40.

Everyone in my house cooperated today. We were out the door and in the car by 7:58, which was entirely too early to drop him off at school. The bus was scheduled to arrive at the sitter's at 8:05. Unfortunately, the sitter lives ten minutes away.

In the past, it's been Cassie's kids who skid in the driveway just in time to load the bus. In fact, she's asked me to have B stall the bus driver at times. I hope she was kidding, since we never actually have.

My mind was racing. Which mom's mind isn't racing? I did quick calculations and realized we could head the bus off at a later stop, which would be earlier for us considering that we were coming from the other direction. Josh was driving. He can't take my thought process--it makes him nervous. I directed him to a crazy location, and we arrived just as the bus did.

Ha! Made it. I think he thanks me for that.

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