Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Time to Move It, Move It

Meet Kaiya, the personal-training wonderpup.  Kaiya joined our family in the middle of August.  She can be a bit hyper, so I make an effort to get her consistent exercise.  A couple weeks after Kaiya moved in, I started back at work.  To work out some of her energy, I began taking her for a walk around our country yard each weekday morning.

Kaiya has become conditioned to an outside walk when the alarm goes off.  Just after the alarm buzzes, I hear the persistent thumping of her tail against the wall.  Soon thereafter, she adds a squeaky whine.  Kaiya has decided we need to walk every morning the alarm sounds.  She's conditioned me not to "sleep" through to the alarm after the snooze button.

Last week, it became too dark in the mornings to see. I carried a flashlight for one morning, then promptly lost it.  Josh directed me to the headlamp on a hook by the back door.  I've never been much of a jogger or runner, but it turns out I jog farther when I can't see how far I'm going.  I'll think I've just started on a trail, but I'm actually almost to the end.  Kaiya keeps up or runs just ahead, which is super motivating since I fear I might need her protection from potential bears or other critters.

Thanks, Kaiya.

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