Thursday, September 12, 2013


This evening, G headed off to prepare for bed ten minutes before his show was over.  I foolishly gave myself some extra knitting/reading time while he brushed his teeth.  The kid is not quite four.  Generally, when he brushes his teeth alone, he smears toothpaste all over the counter.  The book was good though, and I was near the end of the chapter.  I knew wiping up the mess wouldn't take long.  

All of a sudden, he emerged from the bathroom to complain "...swiped it!  I tried to brush my teeth and...swiped it!"  At first, I thought he meant the dog stole his toothbrush, but then I noticed she was laying at my feet.  I couldn't make out the pronoun--he? she? it?, so I asked him to repeat.  I still couldn't make out what he was saying.  

I really did not want to confront whatever was in the bathroom.  I really, really didn't.  I reluctantly followed him to the counter where he pointed to the sink.  "Swiped my toothbrush!"

Josh was hanging out with his dad.  I assessed the situation and decided to go for tweezers.  I could not find the tweezers anywhere in the other bathroom.  G came running with "tweezies", but upon closer examination, they were nail clippers.  We have a lot of nail clippers, all of which he proclaimed as "tweezies" for the next three minutes.  

Finally, I perused our first aid kit.  Sure enough, there was a set of black plastic tweezies.  If you look really closely at my photo above, you can just make out the tippy top of those tweezies below and slightly to the right of the swiped toothbrush.  

After I tried fishing the tweezies out with a couple cuticle pushers and safety pins, I realized the P-trap would have to be removed.  Don't ask me how I know that much about the anatomy of a sink.  I dialed Josh's cell phone and told him about the toothbrush and tweezies.  You have to know when to fold 'em, people.  Josh offered to disassemble the sink tomorrow to retrieve those treasure.  

Here's to hoping we don't find any splinters or ticks tonight!  Straight to bed, boys, and right to sleep.  

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