Saturday, January 12, 2013

To Nap or Not to Nap

During Winter Break, G began staying up late.  He is usually in bed by 8 during the weekdays and maybe 9 on the weekends, with some exceptions.  During break, there were a few nights where he'd hop out of bed to tell us something or go potty until 11:30.  The stories were lenghthy, and G was energetic. 

Josh mentioned that maybe G was done with naps on the weekends.  I did not agree or disagree, mostly because I wasn't sure that he'd mean it when the next weekend rolled around.  G, however, remembered.   This afternoon, I asked Josh if he was sleepy.  G immediately announced, "Daddy said I don't have to take naps at home anymore." 

Josh tried to backtrack and tell him he needed a nap, but G wasn't going for it.  He remembered the new decree.  I must have looked panicked, because Josh said, "Just because he doesn't take a nap doesn't mean you can't take a nap."

That is good because I hold true to the sage advice, Nap while the baby is napping.  My baby is three years and three months, and B has known for that amount of time that if he wakes me up, there will be three nappers.  So I have blissfully napped during maternity leave and most time off since then. I didn't wait around.  I checked with Josh to see if he was ok with me napping right then, then hightailed it to my cozy bed when he agreed.

I awakened to a quiet house.  B was on the couch, resting from possible flu.  Josh was outside.  I asked B where G was.

"Under the coffee table.  He fell asleep during Timmy Turner."

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