Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fun with the flu

The flu has hit my house.  More specifically, the flu has hit two of my kids, and so all four have been taking Tamiflu to keep it from spreading.  My kids will be quick to tell you that the only thing worse than the flu is the taste of Tamiflu (which is confirmed by the "blech" face they all make when the medicine goes down).
K has always been really good about taking medicine- until this week.  When medicine time rolls around each day, she clamps her lips together and refuses to take her meds.  We've tried reasoning, sweet talking, and even being tough. In true princess fashion, K has realized that this is the perfect time to make requests. 
First, she insisted that I sing while she take her medicine.   No problem.  I can't carry a tune, but was more than happy to make up a song if it would help my babygirl will feel better.  The next day, she insisted on a song and some Gatorade with a straw to follow her medicine with.  Again, I obliged (especially since Gatorade seemed a much more logical request).  Then she stepped up her game- she wanted the song, the Gatorade, and some chocolate ice cream.  Since her fever had gone down and she ate all her dinner, I went with it. 
Meanwhile, the boys groan at medicine time, ask "do I have to?", give a resigned sigh, take their meds, shudder and make a face.  I guess that is the difference between boys and a babygirl.  The boys will "man" up and do what they have to do.  The princess will use the yucky medicine to her advantage and come out with a song, a drink, and a dessert.  And who knows, tomorrow she just might end up with a pony. 

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