Thursday, January 10, 2013


This morning, I could not find the pair of dress pants I wanted to wear.  I thought they were in the closet, but they were not.  They also were not in the hamper or on the couch, waiting to be folded.  My khaki pants are a little too tight after the holidays, so I picked out a dress.  I don't know why I hadn't worn the dress to school yet.  I'd bought two pairs of boots on Black Friday, so I should have been more motivated to dress up. 

I asked the boys to choose burgundy or grey tights to go with the black dress I was wearing.  They went with gray.  Normally, they'd go back to their own little worlds of Innotabs and matchbox cars after making a fashion decision for Mommy, but today they stood transfixed as I donned the tights. 

Guys, putting on tights can be a major workout.  At first, they seem like socks.  However, after pulling them up to the knee, one must rebunch, pull, then go back to the bottom to incrementally tug so that enough slack can be gained to pull up to the thigh.  I wear control top tights.  To comfortably wear these, I had to dance the twist and repeat the process above.  Then I had to reposition the control part of the thigh section so that it was not too bunched at the top, but not too stretched.  Too bunchy hurts, too stretchy pulls them down.  Then I had to pull the waistband from the outside of my my dress since I didn't want to be unclothed in front of my boys. 

I could tell from their faces they were wondering why on earth one would wear anything that was so complicated. I'm pretty sure the three-year-old was calculating if there was benefit to attempting to use the potty if one had to mess with such an apparatus. 

You know what, though?  I felt good wearing a dress today.  I got a few compliments, and that's always pleasant.  I might just go through that again one day next week.  If I do that often enough, I may just burn enough calories to fit the khakis again. 

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