Friday, July 13, 2012

My kids are geniuses

When C was younger, he had a knack for climbing the counters to get to the good snacks.  Unfortunately, he didn't know how to climb back down, so he was often caught sitting on the counter with chocolate around his mouth.  After getting fussed at a few times, he wised up.  No, he didn't stop climbing on the counter.  Instead he found the perfect answer for "young man, who said you could have cookies before dinner?"  C would look at me with his wide eyes and tell me "God said I could have the cookies."  I'll admit, the first time, I was stunned.  "Well, ok.... I guess... umm... Let me help you down."  After all, how can you argue with God.  No one trumps Him, not even mom.  Sensing that his mother was stumped, C continued to use this excuse.  Finally, I had to tell him that I also talk to God, and that C must have misunderstood because God and I had discussed having the cookies after dinner, not before.
Fast forward 7 years, and now I'm having similar talks with my daughter.  See, K's best friend is Jesus.  She calls him on her Disney Princess phone on a regular basis.  He tells great jokes, and makes her giggle a lot (which is funny, because C used to get the giggles, and explain to me that God tells the best jokes).  In return, whenever K gets a treat (candy, cookie, gummy snacks, etc), she insists that she get one for her and one for her best friend Jesus.  But Jesus isn't always hungry, so sometimes she puts his share to the side.  It is not uncommon to find a cinnamon altoid on my dresser, or a cookie on the coffee table, that has been left for Jesus.  Sometimes, K will tell me that Jesus didn't want His treat, so she is going to eat it for him.  We've had to start putting our foot down.  Now when K tells me "I need one for me, and one for my friend Jesus," I answer with "Sweetie, Jesus is big enough to help himself, so we will leave it in the box/cabinet/fridge, and He can get it when He is ready."  So far, it is working.

The way I figure, my kids are either some pious little pumpkins that are great friends with God, or they are some sneaky and clever little snackers.  Either way, I'm going to pray a little harder each night, b/c I'm going to need God's help to raise these geniuses.

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