Sunday, July 15, 2012

Making Inferences

G won't be three until late September, but he has an excellent vocabulary. Just the other night, as he was "making cake" at Grammy and PawPaw's, he stopped mid-stir to exclaim, "Hey! There's no 'gredients in here!" He also knows several words I'd prefer he didn't share at church.

Today, he climbed up on Josh's lap, smiled sweetly, and asked for "chocolate inside". When we asked for clarification, he gave us his sweetest, "please". This is G's newest thing. He'll ask for something impossible, then politely beg for it.

Then he started crab-hands. Both of my boys did/do this as toddlers/preschoolers. It's where they tap their index finger and thumb together over and over like a crab pincher. The pinching becomes more panicked the longer it takes to achieve their desired result.

Josh: What's "chocolate inside", Buddy? Let me know and I'll let you have some.

G: I try get chocolate inside, but I can't reach it.

We don't have chocolate in the house, despite what my waistline might infer. He had been at Grammy and PawPaw's for a couple nights, though. My mind ran through a quick inventory of the snacks Josh had picked up from their house when he'd retrieved the boys. Pop-tarts, Mondos, Doritos, Krave cereal... Krave cereal! Krave has chocolate inside!

I had solved the mystery! G craved Krave! Here is a picture if my happy son.

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  1. I love that stuff! The kids didn't dig it but momma did, I like my chocolate inside too G :)