Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hide and Seek

When you are a "little sister," you want to play with your older siblings and be as big as they are.  You think you can do everything they can, and want to join in all their games.  I know this, because I was the little sister.  So I completely understand when K wants to play video games or Lego's with her big brothers.  Usually the boys are willing to let K have a turn or share some toys with her (although you can see their fingers wiggling and itching to take the controller as she repeatedly crashes on Mario Kart).
My favorite, is watching K play hide and seek.  First, she is not a quiet hider.  Her giggles and squeals of "someone's coming!!", usually give her away.  Second, she is not great at picking hiding spots.  Her favorite spot to hide is in my bed, where she makes a very wiggly giggly bump under the covers.  If the "seeker" doesn't find her quickly, she will get out, run to the hallway, and look to see if he is coming yet.  She may even yell "come find me!", just in case they forgot.

Occasionally, K skips the covers altogether-
This pillow is supposed to keep anyone from seeing her

Sometimes, she will pose as a pile of dirty laundry under a basket
No one could possible see her through the holes in the basket

When outside, you have to improvise.  While playing with brothers and friends at the sports field, K thought she found the perfect spot.  I took the picture from the vantage point of the "seeker" when she was counting.
As long as you keep your head down, they can't see you

Luckily, K's poor skills at hiding places are proportionate to her impatience for being found.  I think her brothers agree that the squeals of excitement and giant hugs that she gives when found, make it playing with her totally worth it.

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