Monday, July 7, 2014


The younger five of Cassie and my brood are going to Vacation Bible School at a local church this week.  They'd gone last year as well, and they knew all about snack.  They remembered snack so much that G refused breakfast this morning, recollecting that they'd eat at the Bible School.

After VBS, I dropped K and N off at the sitters and took C, B, and G with me to my violin lesson.  On the way, C drooled over the Toaster Strudals they were served for snack.  When G chimed in, B took him down quickly, "You didn't get those for a snack!"

Lil Red was so upset, his tongue got tied as he spat back, "I did have a Toodle Strudal!", pointing at each syllable.  Then the three boys and I guffawed about  "Toodle Strudel", 

Later in the evening, Cassie called me to ask what the kids had eaten at VBS.  The  Strudel goodness was so intense, K and N had insisted they'd been fed lunch.  They just couldn't remember the name of the entree.  Their description resembled pop-tarts, which made no sense as Cassie's kids are experts on pop-tarts.  Since older bro C was with me, there was no one to translate. After I suggested and she announced toaster strudel, I could hear the two screaming agreement in the background. 

I bought some for tomorrow's breakfast.  I'll bet G eats breakfast tomorrow without argument; he ate TWO iced apple "Strudel Doodles" tonight.  Furthermore, I have two more boxtops to save for school in the fall!

Move over, pop-tarts.  

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