Monday, July 14, 2014


On the way to Cassie's house last Saturday, G summarized the bible stories he'd learned in VBS.  Here's his side of the conversation, to the best that I can remember: 

Jesus went in the kid's lunchbox and he got the five breads and the two fishes.  And then he split 'em up in half and they got even bigger and then he made fish sandwiches for the disciples and they all ate them.  And they had grape juice.  No, not wine.  He doesn't know how to make wine.  And then the disciples could go up in the sky...because they climbed a tree and Jesus shrunk the tree and then they could fly...oh, right, they did die like regular people.  

And they put Jesus on the cross and they put the nail clippers on him.  And then there was blood and it was a lot of blood, all the way to his legs and then all the way to his head.  They took him off and they took the nail clippers out...yeah, they wrapped him up and they put him in the cave and then they put the big stone in front.  And the blood all came out and he was a skeleton with bones.  Then he moved that big rock and he was gone.  

This is much more recollection than I ever got from B.  With B, I usually fire off a million questions and get about an answer or two.  Case in point: first day of kindergarten.  Two hundred questions, including Did you use your crayons?  Did you sit on the carpet?  Did she read you a book?  Did you look at a book?  Did you eat in the cafeteria?  Who did you sit by?  Did you look at a calendar?  Did you use construction paper?  Did you go to PE? Music?  The library?, I got: "Mom, we did a LOT of things."  Sigh.

K apparently takes after B because she was tight lipped about VBS.  She and G were in the same class, though, so with my new arsenal of bible stories, I asked her point blank about the fish.

K (swinging her leg and holding onto a dresser): There was a fish [long pause, swinging leg] and, uh, um, he diiiiied, [pause, swinging leg] and, um, God flushed it.

Sounds fishy to me. 

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