Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Sleeping In"

I slept until 10:50 this morning.  Ten.  Fifty.  This makes me sound like a lazy lady.  I sound even more so when I admit that I went to sleep at 9:30 last night.  Realize, people, I have kids.  So, of course, this was not really 13 hours of sleep. 

6:44 - "Mama, I'm awake!"
I get up and set G up in front of some cartoons with some Cocoa Crunchies and a cup of Gatorade.  He's got a blanket and should be set. 

7:44 - "Mama, can you open this for me?"
I feel like I've barely nodded off when he thrusts an American Single at me, unable to wrestle it from its individual wrapper.  I free the cheese and remind him Mama needs more sleep. 

After 8 sometime - "Hey, Mama, come see!"
G is required to report when he has deposited #2 in the toilet.  It figures that he would need a confirmation during my sleepytime.

After 9 someime: "Mama..."
I have no idea what he asked for.  I just know I am not sleeping the full thirteen hours. 

10:50 - Silence
I finally wake up.  Silence is disturbing.  What are the boys doing?  Are they in cahoots?  Are they in the house?  I leap from bed to find B playing video games and G watching tv. 

G and I make pancakes.  It may have been 9 straight hours of sleep followed by choppy sleep, but I need some coffee.  G makes me some coffee.  He's such a good boy. 

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