Tuesday, January 21, 2014

High Heels and Hole Punchers

Cassie and I took Monday as a sister shopping day.  We scheduled a KID-FREE sister shopping day for the first time in...  You know what?  I've lost count how long it's been.  We racked up on Shopkicks while sipping the free Starbucks drinks she'd earned, and spent some Christmas giftcards.  Random shout out to the mommy friend we saw pushing two small daughters in the huge cart in Target--keep up the good fight, my friend. 

So here was my mistake: I wore these cute shoes.  G loves them, and has insisted that I wear them daily since I brought them home from a shopping trip with my mom.  I have been smart enough not to wear them for a full day of teaching yet.  I could not resist wearing them to shop with Cassie, though, since she always wears heels and looks cute. 
G models our favorite boots.

We'd made it to Books-a-Million, Starbucks, JC Penney's, half a mall, and Target.  I was toting the three hole punch I needed to organize 2014 bills in a brand new binder (thank you, Pinterest--2013's is almost organized) when Cassie decided she wanted to try Kohl's and Cato's.  Two more stores of hanging with my sister and laughing at today's fashion, and yet...all my weight was crushing the balls of my poor, aching feet.  Could I admit defeat?  Could I end the trip?

We went straight to the shoe section.

I had only brought a $20 bill and giftcards.  I was going to have to leave Punchy behind.  I'd have to run out again, since old Punchy has disappeared.  The day before, I had searched the entire house, including kitchen cupboards before declaring old Punchy officially missing.  Why kitchen cupboards?  They're Josh's favorite hideaway for wayward items when he straightens up.  I left the key to my organized 2014 atop the Coke cooler at the checkout line. 
Not as cute, but definitely more suited to our mission.

Cassie met me at the trashcan outside the Target, as I was disassembling the intricate rubber band tethering the shoes to each other.  She handed me my "forgotten" bag, which contained the new Punchy she'd just purchased.

Cassie is definitely my favorite sister. 

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