Saturday, June 23, 2012

The amazing and magical Ms. Vole

When school let out for the summer, there was a lot of talk about school year memories, favorite teachers, and plans for the summer.  K, my 3 year old (and only girl) was not to be left out.  One night, K, N, and I were snuggling in my bed.  K started talking about her teacher.  

"Mama, I love Ms. Vole.  She is so pretty and nice.  She is really funny, Mama." Giggle, giggle, sigh.  "I just have so much fun at school."

While K went on and on about this amazing teacher and all of her awesomeness, I wondered when her big brother was going to correct her.  You see, my daughter has never gone to school, or daycare.  There is no "Ms. Vole", although it sounds like she would be a lot of fun.  I kinda want to have a Ms. Vole, afterall, like to have fun.  But N just sat and waited.  Then like the selective listener he is, he looked at his little sister and said "K, I can't wait till you are in kindergarten.  You are gonna be soooo cute."  

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