Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Spring Line

About a year ago, Molar #19 got her crown.  She wasn’t really bothering me, but the dentist was concerned at the quantity and age of the filling.  After receiving the bill, I dubbed the tooth Her Majesty. 

Apparently, Her Majesty was ready for a remodeled crown.  On Saturday, the unceasing pain in #19 began.  It was on Josh’s and my date night, and we were at Sushi King.  The next morning, the pain was still there.  I made a dentist appointment on Monday morning; I would be seen on Wednesday at 1:30. 

That evening, I was leaving a message for the dentist and heading to Patient First.  The pressure in the tooth was still present after four ibuprofen.  Tuesday morning, I was making appointments for a root canal.  The earliest appointment was APRIL 14.  How, for the love of sanity, was I going to teach for two weeks perpetual pain in my tooth? 

Luckily, one of my BFF’s texted me to keep calling around.  I was getting a root canal on Wednesday at 1:30.  Josh had driven me up to the appointment, 53 minutes away.  He’d had to pull over once to let me vomit since the pain medication prescribed did not agree with my stomach. 
The endodontist had to drill through the crown and clear out the nerves.  During the clear-out, he discovered that the tooth had a abscess.  I was directed to get antibiotics that day. 

I learned a few things from the experience.  First, Her Majesty is a lot like me: she needs people to work with her when something is on her last nerve.  Also, Her Highness#19 is as indecisive as the rest of us.  The bone under one tooth stem was decalcifying, trying to let the tooth out.  The bone under the other tooth stem was re-calcifying, trying to wall off the tooth. 

 I also learned that it is possible to look forward to a root canal.  The endodontist warned me that, like a splintered hand, there would still be pain after removal.  I assured him that soreness was better than unending pressure. 

Finally, I learned that even Her Majesty likes new things.  She feels great with her her updated tiara.  Now she'd better reign for a long time.  If she evacuates, I'm going to be hopping mad.    

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