Sunday, March 23, 2014

Teaching Sons to be Fabulous Husbands

My parent have been married for 37 years. My dad prides himself on being a badass, low key husband who doesn't spoil his wife with cards or flowers. We laugh about it because as much as he steers from grand gestures of his affection, he is quick to rush to her defense (text: Call your mother and voicemail: Don't forget it's Mom's birthday). He also keeps the house stocked in her favorite snacks and keeps the coffee pot full. 

Oma moved in with Mom and Dad a year and a half ago. She's 92 years of sweetness and sass. She's lived through three years of internment camp, loss of the young love of her life, parenting of five children across three countries, and nursing of her sassy husband with dementia (who was an amazing man in his own right). She jokes along with my Dad. It's cute to watch. 

Dad took her shopping the other day. Oma found this cute card and told Dad to buy it for Mom. 
 "Oma, I haven't gotten the woman a card in 37 years. If I start now, she'll expect it."

That's Dad's badass persona. Oma laughed it off. Later, Mom opened the card. 

Anyone who's read anything Oma writes will recognize the salutation as her handwriting. The signature looks much different. 

Apparently she feared that Mom would deduce that Dad did not sign the card, for this was written on the back. 


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