Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Most Amazing Saturday: Noticing the Little Things

Last night, I was a mess.  I had a full weekend of bill-paying, laundry-cleaning, paper-grading, house-cleaning, and kid-raising.  I was completely overwhelmed, and way too sleepy to process how much I had to get done. 

So far today, I've done very little of any of the list above. 

I did go get routine lab work done, and the boys came with me.  On the way out the door, we noticed one lone ladybug on our house, and it made me remember and say a little prayer for my cousin, Sarah
I almost cropped out dirt specks in the surrounding area, but decided that my house is like life: not perfect. 
I decided then to take notice of the little things today and enjoy them. 

We went to what G called the "blood store" first so I could get blood drawn.  The boys sat quietly and behaved for five minutes. The phlebotomist drew blood from my rolling veins with no trouble, and I didn't pass out.  Success all around. 

Then we hit Wal-Mart for some basics for the house.  G stopped to wonder that Elmo was "a mermaid". 
He also suggested the we pick up more toilet paper, since he'd used a bunch yesterday.  I won't go into all his details.  I informed him we had an unopened pack of toilet paper at home, and that we should be set.  He protested quite a bit, but we left without toilet paper.  
G's story of the loss of a LOT of toilet paper. 
At this point, I was thoroughly enjoying my day with my sons.  They were funny and they had great perspective.  B heard about how many shopkicks I could get at JC Penney's and insisted we stop by.  We collected our 300 kicks, which Cass and I are saving for Black Friday giftcards.  

We ran home, unloaded groceries, then met Cassie and the kids at a local playground so they could play and we could jog.  I now know that Cassie is MUCH faster than I am.  I also know that I can jog much farther than I'd thought.  Each of my sons left the playground at different times to accompany me. 

We listened to "What Does the Fox Say?" several times on YouTube in the car, and B created a new dance for it.  He was impressed that I used precious data allowances to let them listen to the hit four times. 

I spend so much of my day wondering how I will accomplish everything that needs to be done in the small amount of time allotted.  Today was a great reminder to enjoy life itself, not just "when everything is done".  I'm grateful for my little guys who helped me notice the little things today. 

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