Saturday, March 2, 2013

Holdin' On

I carry a small purse. I do this on purpose. The smaller the purse, the less I can fit in it, so the lighter it stays. A piece of good advice I received when B was a baby was to carry a small diaper bag and keep stock in a large diaper bag in the trunk to replenish if necessary. B is really good about carrying very little and keeping it in a small backpack or bag.

G is very different. Just this past Monday morning, I was juggling with my laptop bag, lunch box, tote bag, purse, and coffee mug when he asked me to hold him. When I asked him how that would even be possible, he answered, "Hold me in one arm, and yours stuff in the other!" 

Here's G while I'm blowdrying my hair, asking me to hold his book.

This morning, I had a dentist appointment.  G went with me, carrying only what would fit in the red backpack pictured above.  He sat quietly, coloring and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I got my teeth cleaned.  "Hold me, Mama," I thought I heard him say above my mp3 music.  I listen to tunes so I don't have to hear scraping.  I held his hand, then patted him on the head.  Then I felt something on my stomach.  It was his book and drawings...he wanted me to hold them. 

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