Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

My hubby and I like the Dallas Cowboys. I mean we really like the Dallas Cowboys. Alright, I am a HUGE fan, and my husband has what borderlines on an unhealthy love/obsession for the Cowboys. I call our living room a shrine to the Cowboys somewhat jokingly. We are members of the True Blue Fan Club, subscribe to Cowboys Weekly, and our closets are filled with Cowboys jerseys. My family and friends know better than to call during a Cowboys game, and my hubby is incredulous that people would dare schedule a birthday party for their child on a Sunday during football season ("don't they know the COWBOYS are playing right now?").
So it goes without saying that our kids are Cowboys fans, too. About a week ago, E and C decided that the Cowboys deserve to have their own Christmas song, and thus was born the Dallas Cowboys 12 Days of Christmas. Feel free to sing it at your house, and don't be surprised if it is on the radio by next holiday season.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, the Cowboys gave to me:
Twelve signed footballs
Eleven cheerleaders cheering
Ten stars a' shining
Nine touchdown dances
Eight pro-bowl players
Seven interceptions
Six giant fatheads
Five superbowl riiiiiings
Four forced fumbles
Three awesome helmets
Two Romo jerseys
and a ticket to the Superbowl Game

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